"How Far Can You Go" Challenge - Second Test

I was working in Cody, WY the other day and swam at the Paul Stock Aquatic and Recreation Center.  For such a small community, this is a really nice facility.

This is a really nice facility.  Notice the climbing wall in the far left lane.
There was a workout written up on a whiteboard on deck and I decided to just swim that workout.  At the end of the workout, I decided to do my second Swim Smooth "How Far Can You Go" Challenge.  On my first test, I made it 150 yards at my challenge pace of 17 seconds per 25 yards.  I felt slow during the workout and wondered if I could even go 150 yards again at my challenge pace.  I set my tempo trainer to 17 seconds and set off.  At 150 yards I was still on pace.  I made it to 175, still under pace, but was getting tired.  I was so close to getting 200 yards, but my tempo trainer beeped just barely out of reach of the wall.  I was happy to see an improvement over my last test.  Next time I'll get 200 yards!


Tracey Rumsey said...

Josh - My niece swam for Cody High and worked at that pool for years. I've swam in that pool for a triathlon I did with her a few years ago. Just FYI: Apparently the little town of Pinedale Wyoming has the most amazing pool facility in the state. But you are right about Cody, they have a great rec center.

Josh said...

Cody is such a cool little town.

I want to swim across Fremont Lake, which is right by Pinedale. I'll be sure to check out their pool when I do.