I created Utah Open Water in March 2009 as a tool to promote open water swimming and triathlon in Utah.  At the time, there were very limited resources available for open water in Utah.  For several years, Utah Open Water was the go-to resource for open water swimming in Utah.  Since that time, I co-founded the Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW) club with Gordon Gridley and many of the open water resources were transferred and expanded on at www.saltlakeopenwater.com.  This blog is now primarily my personal journal of open water swimming adventures.

I was taught how to swim at an early age by my "gram" in her backyard pool.  Some of my best memories are playing in her pool with my siblings, cousins, friends and family.

I never participated in age group swimming, but swam three years at Viewmont High School.  Over those three years, I swam just about every event except for the 100 fly.  I was never fast enough to qualify for State on my own, but was a member of the boys 4 x 100 relay.

After high school, I was pretty burned out on swimming.  Morning and afternoon practice five days a week will do that to you.  My uncle used to race triathlon and that was something I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to try.

Several years later, I entered my first triathlon at Sand Hollow Reservoir in St. George.  I was immediately hooked on open water swimming.  It was so different than my experience swimming in the pool and full of new challenges.  Over the next few years, I did a lot of triathlons and finally gave it up because I realized I liked the swimming the best and I sucked at running.

I stumbled onto a open water race, the Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim, and entered the 5K.  I thought with my background as a swimmer I would do pretty well.  To my surprise, I came in second to last.  I obviously had a lot to learn about how to train for these events and needed to learn some open water skills.

I stated meeting more people who were as passionate about open water as me and we began organizing races (Great Salt Lake Marathon Swim) and started an open water specific swim club (Salt Lake Open Water).  I remain active in the open water and Utah Masters communities. I'm always looking for new adventures.

I love coaching, especially helping those who are new to open water.  I am a Certified Level 2 USMS Coach.  I have presented at dozens of open water clinics and have written a number of published articles about open water swimming.

I am available for private, or small group, coaching and can be reached at joshuakgreen@gmail.com.